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AnoditeAnodites are spellcasters that can become extremely powerful, and can only be released when somebody breaks them out of their body.

Anodites are energy beings who are able to control mana or "life energy". Anodites have a large lifespan by human standards. They are also able to reproduce with humans. Anodites are also quite free spirited, and most really don't take life that much seriously as most humans do, to the point that some disregard the morality of their actions and would rather satisfy their own personal pleasures, but that does not stop them from helping others, as Verdona mentions that Anodites help a myriad of people. Mature Anodites are pure energy, and are already assumed to have mastered their capabilities, to the point that they can warp reality, fly, generate energy, create a body of their own choice (for assimilation purposes) and are able absorb the mana around them to replenish themselves if the need arises, albeit, if they are weakened.


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